How old do I have to be to hire a car/van ?

You have to be between the ages of 23 and 75 to hire a car or van from us . Drivers under the age of 25 however will have to pay an additional fee of £10 per day for insurance purposes. All drivers must have held a full driving licence for at least 24 months.

What documents do I need to bring with me ?

For people with photocard driving licences we need to see both the photocard and as of june 8th 2015 the counterpart of the licence is now invalid,therfore you need to on  line to www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence ,enter driving licence into search,click on "view or share your driving licence details" enter licence number,national insurance number and post code,follow the prompts and the system willl generate a unique 8 digit code which is case sensitive,bring the code with you and we can check your details  We also need another form of I.D with your address on such as a utility bill or bank statement. Finally we need a credit or debit card in the name of the driver.

What time can I pick up/drop off my vehicle ?

We try and be as flexible as possible regarding pick-up times and find a time that suits you. Each hire period is for 24 hours from time of collection. For example we can either arrange for your hire to commence in the morning until the following morning or if you need an early start pick up at teatime the day before.

I’ve got points on my licence, will this effect my hiring a vehicle ?

yes,you must disclose if you have points on your licence,some points such as for example IN10,DR10 etc will prevent you from hiring a vehicle,depending in some cases the time elapsed from the endorsement,ring first if your unsure.  An additional fee may be changed if there are a lot of points or they are quite recent. This cost is applied by the insurance company and we purely pass it on. Vans and Cars are now available for half day hire.

Can I take a hire vehicle abroad ?


Is there an additional charge for an extra driver ?

Yes. For each additional driver added on to the insurance a fee of £5 per day will be charged (This fee may vary if the additional drivers have penalty points or are under 25 years old)

Do you have mileage limits ?

Milage charge may apply,ring for details

How long do I need to have held a full licence for ?

All drivers must have held a full licence for at least 24 months.

Do your vehicles come with breakdown cover ?

All our vehicles come with full AA breakdown cover. This includes Homestart, Roadside Assistance and Relay services.

Can I take a hire van to the tip ?

In order to take waste to the tip (Household Waste Recycling Centre) you need to apply for a permit from the council. For HWRC’s in Lancashire these are issued by Lancashire County Council. Follow the link on the right under “Useful Information” for details on applying for a permit.

What size of van can I hire ? Do I need a special licence ?

Check out our vans page for details of our vans available for hire. ALL of our vans can be driven on a standard UK Driving licence (Category B)

Is there a Cancellation Policy?

Yes once booked the vans , Cars, Minibuses are taken off sale and reserved for you, no refunds are given, however if you rebook at a later date a 50% credit of the original booking is offered.

Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

You will be asked to fill a simple Rental Agreement in before hire, a copy of this is given to the Hirer Please Note that the contract is binding and that all vehicles should be returned in the same condition if not better than when they were picked up.



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